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PRP Scalp Therapy

PRP Scalp Therapy

Our team at Harvey Aesthetics and Wellness is pleased to offer platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) to stimulate your scalp and help with hair growth. Because of the natural and exciting results, PRP therapy is a popular and innovative cosmetic procedure in the aesthetic industry. These treatments use your plasma to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, which can promote hair growth. To further enhance your results, we can combine PRP therapy with microneedling.  Our team is happy to discuss the benefits of PRP and how it can improve your hair.

Don’t let hair loss make you feel embarrassed or prevent you from feeling confident in your appearance. With PRP treatments, your hair will start to look fuller, and you should notice fewer strands falling out. This procedure is ideal for men and women who love a natural treatment that provides effective results

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) naturally promotes blood circulation and deeply nourishes the hair follicles. Since the treatment utilizes your blood, you have no risk of allergic or adverse reactions. After the procedure, patients can use a cold compress on the treatment areas to minimize any discomfort and swelling. These symptoms are normal and should go away in a week or two. To maintain your results, we recommend receiving treatments in 4 – 6-week intervals.

Can I combine PRP/PRF with other hair treatments?

Yes, you can. Topical medications, microneedling, and more are often used together with PRP/PRF hair therapy. During your consultation, we can explore the various options available that can pair with PRP/PRF therapy to increase results.

How often do you need to get PRP/PRF treatments?

A typical treatment plan includes a minimum of three PRP/PRF treatments given one month apart. Your number of treatments will depend on the severity of hair loss and your aesthetic goals. To maintain your results, we recommend receiving treatments in 4 – 6-week intervals.


PRP therapy is a great treatment option for men and women who want to improve their hair and reduce the appearance of bald spots. Often, these treatments tend to work best for patients who are experiencing the early stages of hair loss. This treatment helps patients who suffer from different forms of alopecia. During your consultation, please let us know if you have certain conditions, such as anemia or blood disorders. This will help us determine if you can safely receive PRP therapy.