Take Time to Recharge Your Body
And Let Your Spirit Heal

Take Time to Recharge Your Body
And Let Your Spirit Heal


Perfecting your skin and reversing the signs of aging is now easier and safer than ever. Harvey Aesthetics and Wellness in Beckley, WV, is proud to offer PRF treatments that can address different cosmetic concerns and maximize the treatment results using platelet-rich fibrin. These platelet solutions contain healing and regenerative growth factors found in your blood and can visibly improve your aesthetic imperfections.

PRF Treatments

PRF treatments are anti-aging treatments that use platelet-rich fibrin derived from your blood to promote healing and cellular regeneration, increase collagen and elastin production, and enhance the results of certain skincare treatments. PRF can take an effective skin care treatment and maximize the results so that you can achieve healthier and younger-looking skin and restore hair growth.

What Is PRF?

PRF is similar to PRP. The difference between the two is that PRF treatments use platelet-rich fibrin, while PRP treatments use platelet-rich plasma. PRF contains a higher concentration of growth factors than PRP and, therefore, can help maximize the results of different skincare treatments. Platelet-rich fibrin is derived from your blood.

We begin the process with a standard blood draw and then spin the blood sample in a centrifuge. The sample will spin for a few minutes, and the gravitational forces will separate the PRF from the rest of the plasma. Then, we will prepare your PRF in the right form to complement your treatment.

Our PRF Formula

We perform our PRF treatments using a unique proprietary formula with a hyaluronic base that contains growth factors, anti-aging ingredients, and regenerative properties. This formula can be applied topically or injected directly below the skin’s surface to maximize the results of different anti-aging treatments.

Our Treatment Options

PRF Injections

PRF injections are injectables with solutions derived from your blood. We can use them to stimulate a healing reaction and force the body to grow new collagen and elastin. Injecting PRF into different areas of the face, including the under-eye area, can deliver anti-aging results that can last anywhere from six to twelve months, smoothing lines and wrinkles, filling hollow areas, and improving overall skin health.

While you may see some initial improvements in the health and appearance of your skin after your initial PRF injections, it can take a few weeks for your body to respond with increased collagen and elastin production. We typically administer these injections in a series with a few weeks between each. We can customize a treatment plan if you are a good candidate for PRF injections and use the platelet-rich fibrin found in your blood to reverse the signs of aging.

PRF Scalp Therapy

Genetics, the aging process, hormonal fluctuations, medical conditions, the side effects of certain medications, and pregnancy can all cause hair loss and poor scalp health. Our PRF scalp therapy treatments can reverse the effects of hair loss using platelet-rich fibrin derived from your blood to rejuvenate the scalp and promote improved hair quality. We will derive PRF from your blood during the treatment through a standard blood draw.

Then, we will prepare the PRF into an injectable form, and after applying a numbing solution to your scalp, make a series of strategic injections into the areas where you want to promote scalp health and hair growth. Patients typically need several treatments with four to six months between each.

Your Results

While you won’t see immediate results, you will see an improvement in the health and growth of your hair in the weeks following treatment as the body responds to the presence of PRF within the skin. This treatment process can make a significant difference in the appearance of bald spots, receding hairlines, and improve thinning hair.

What To Expect

Before the treatment, we will apply a topical numbing solution, and then once your skin is numb, we will use a needling device to create a series of tiny microchannels on the surface of your skin. The body perceives these microchannels as injuries, and it responds with an immune reaction that cleanses the skin from the inside out and increases collagen and elastin production.

Microneedling increases your skin’s absorption rate by creating these microchannels that extend into the deeper layers. We take advantage of this increased absorption rate by applying the PRF to the skin so that it can absorb the growth factors and anti-aging qualities isolated from your own blood. Post-treatment, you will see immediate results from the dermal fillers and gradual results as your body grows new collagen to improve and heal the skin. Results can last up to two years.

Body Rejuvenation Treatments With PRF

We also offer body rejuvenation treatments with PRF to address the signs of aging and skin imperfections in different areas of the body. Most people notice the initial signs of aging on their faces, but different body areas also exhibit aging, skin laxity, and other imperfections. PRF topical solutions and PRF injections can help treat different areas of the body that have begun to age and help you achieve tighter and healthier-looking skin.

Hand Rejuvenation With PRF

Another area of the body that can show accelerated aging is the hands. As you age, your body produces less collagen and elastin, which affects the appearance of the hands, and makes tendons, bones, and veins more visible.

We can perform hand rejuvenation treatments using PRF to promote increased skin volume by forcing the body to grow new collagen on the backs of the hands. There are dermal fillers that can restore volume to the hands, but hand rejuvenation treatments with PRF provide patients with a natural and effective solution that delivers long-lasting results.

Am I a Candidate?

Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of your skin, combat aging, rejuvenate your complexion, reduce the signs of aging on your body, rejuvenate your hands, or promote improved hair growth, we can help. We will develop a treatment plan with one or more of our PRF treatments to combat aging and increase your confidence in your appearance.

The good news is that most patients qualify as candidates for PRF treatments because these treatments rely on a solution derived from your blood to deliver results. An initial consultation will confirm your treatment eligibility and allow us to devise a treatment plan with one or more PRF treatments that are right for you.

Experience the Power of PRF

If you’re ready to experience a natural treatment that uses your body’s growth factors to heal and rejuvenate your skin, we can develop a unique treatment plan that meets your needs. Our PRF treatments are natural, minimally invasive, and don’t cause adverse reactions. They provide patients with a natural way to achieve noticeable results and enjoy them long-term.