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What is a Non-Surgical BBL?

Non-surgical BBL's (Brazilian Butt Lift) are increasing in popularity due to the rise of influence in mainstream media. The advanced technique uses vacuum therapy, electromagnetic sculpting with RF, and a proprietary blend of plumping and firming serum to help subtly enhance, shape and lift the appearance of the buttocks with just a few treatments.

What to Expect

All patients will have to come in for a consultation separate from the day of treatment to make sure the goals of the patient will match the expected outcome of treatment. You will meet with one of our expertly trained estheticians to assess the buttocks and build a customized treatment plan according to goals and expectations. Most non-surgical BBL's can expect their appointments to be approximately 1-2 hours for treatment. With zero downtime and no injections, this non-invasive procedure will build and sculpt the buttocks to the desired shape. Maintenance visits will be required to maintain the plumper look, but results can last 1-2 years.

Non-Surgical BBL's VS Surgical BBL's

Although you cannot achieve the same results of a fat graft, implant, or surgical butt-lift, patients may not have the need for such a dramatic difference. Some patients like the option to test out what a plumper, rounder buttock would look like before committing to a surgical procedure, and some prefer to refrain from going under the knife altogether. Other advantages of a non-surgical BBL include no incisions, an alternative for patients who do not have enough body fat for a fat transfer, relatively quick procedure, and zero downtime, as well as buildable results over time.

Complimentary Consultation

We always offer complimentary consultations to make sure we are recommending an effective treatment for you. We can build custom treatment plans that mix a variety of options to help shape, contour, and address concerns.