Take Time to Recharge Your Body
And Let Your Spirit Heal

Take Time to Recharge Your Body
And Let Your Spirit Heal

Microneedling Hair Restoration

Prevent hair loss with RF Microneedling at Harvey Aesthetics and Wellness with our non-invasive microneedling procedure to help regenerate the health of your hair follicles.

Microneedling for the Scalp helps treat hair loss and promotes hair regrowth. Microneedling for Scalp is a Collagen Induction Therapy hair loss treatment in Singapore that is also able to cause controlled trauma in the scalp to promote hair growth. With the use of RF Microneedling, it can lead to positive effects on hair growth over a 12-week period. Especially effective for patients with Alopecia Areata and Androgenetic Alopecia, or male pattern baldness, receding hairline, and thinning hair.

While there are not a lot of downtimes on microneedling treatments, the depth at which the needles penetrate will dictate any downtime and there is always variation between individuals. Redness and some sensitivities are common after the treatment. Most redness can be concealed by the hair, and it should dissipate within a couple of days.

Microneedling may also promote the absorption of products used to treat your hair loss, such as:

  • minoxidil (Rogaine)
  • topical steroid
  • platelet-rich plasma

How often should you microneedle for hair loss?

According to clinical studies, microneedling once every 1-3 weeks helps to regrow hair. 1–3-week intervals are the only occurrences studied for pattern hair loss.